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The World Puzzle Federation


The 12th World Sudoku Championship and 26th World Puzzle Championship was held from 15th to 22nd October, 2017. For more details, visit:

The Asian Sudoku Championship 2018 was held from 2nd to 5th February, 2018 in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. For more details, visit: The puzzles of the tournament will be made available to members along with the content of WSC-WPC 2018.

Current Events: 

The 2018 edition of the WPF Sudoku Grand Prix and WPF Puzzle Grand Prix on

Upcoming Events:

The 13th World Sudoku Championship and 27th World Puzzle Championship will be held from 4th to 11th November, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. For more details, visit:


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WSC results

Ladies and gentlemen, the 8th World Sudoku Championship is over and here are the final results after the play off:

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WSC - Day1

The biggest event of the year for all the sudoku players has already started - World Sudoku Championship.

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LMI WSC and WPC practice

LMI announced 2 contests for the last week before the championships, one for WSC practice (October 8) another for WPC (October 10 - 12). More details to be found in the WPF calendar

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