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WPF Rating

In various sports exist some kind of ranking. One example is in tennis with the ATP world ranking, another one in chess with the FIDE world ranking using the Elo rating system. We drafted a first version of a rating system for puzzle solvers. How the rating is computed, can be found at: WPF_Ratings_Synthesis.pdf

Furthermore we used the results of the GP 2021/2022 and the WSPC 2022 to get the current ratings of almost 900 solvers.
Current WPF ratings: Sudoku Puzzle

All rounds of the WPF Sudoku/Puzzle GP 2023 will be taken into account, as well as potentially other events. Updated ratings and rankings will be released on a regular basis.

Soon we will upload a similar rating for puzzles as well.

Any feedback, questions or ideas are warmly welcome either by mail or directly on our Discord server.

WPF Sudoku/Puzzle Grand Prix 2023 starts at January 13

We would like to invite you to the 11th edition of the WPF Sudoku GP and 10th edition of the WPF Puzzle GP.

The first Sudoku round will start at January 13 with Sudoku from Indian authors, the first Puzzle round at January 27 with puzzles from French authors.

More information about all these online competitions and the schedule for all rounds can be found at the GP website:

We wish you a lot of fun with the wonderful puzzles!


WPF goes Discord

After the successful usage of Discord during the WSPC 2022 in Poland, we created now a Discord server for the WPF.

Do you like to discuss about puzzles and puzzle events or are you interested in discussions about e.g. how to expand the reach of WPF, new website, organization of events etc?
Or are you stuck in a puzzle? The community will help you find the next steps.

Invitation link to the WPF Discord server:


World Sudoku & Puzzle Championship 2022 in Krakow

After two years break because of coronavirus pandemic, it was finally possible to have the World Sudoku & Puzzle Championship in 2022.

Here are the results:

World Sudoku Championship
Top 3: 1. Tiit Vunk (Estonia), 2. Tantan Dai (China), 3. Kota Morinishi (Japan)
Teams Top 3: 1. Czechia, 2. Japan, 3. Estonia
Total participants: 191 individuals and 50 teams

World Puzzle Championship
Top 3: 1. Ken Endo (Japan), 2. Prasanna Seshadri (India), 3. Thomas Luo (USA)
Teams Top 3: 1. Japan, 2. USA, 3. Germany
Total participants: 196 individuals and 49 teams

All results can be found at the event's website and WPF Facebook.

Furthermore the finals of the WPF Sudoku/Puzzle Grand-Prix 2022 took place in Krakow as well:

WPF Sudoku Grand Prix finals Top 3: 1. Kota Morinishi (Japan), 2. Tantan Dai (China), 3. Timothy Doyle (France)
WPF Puzzle Grand Prix finals Top 3: 1. Thomas Snyder (USA), 2. Kota Morinishi (Japan), 3. Ken Endo (Japan)


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