2010 WPF General Assembly Minutes


WPF Board Meeting, Oct. 26, 2010
Supplementary WPF Board Meeting, Oct. 28, 2010
WPF General Assembly, Oct. 26-27, 2010
WPF Board Meeting, Oct. 26
Paprotnia, Poland by Will Shortz

All board members present: Valter Kvalic, chairman; Peter Ritmeester, general secretary; Will Shortz, treasurer; Vitezslav Koudelka; and Kamer Alyanakyan.

Summary of the discussion and decisions:

Board members were unanimous in feeling that they weren't adequately fulfilling their duties between general assemblies and that the WPF was not making sufficient progress. The board will recommend changing the WPF structure after 2011 to eliminate the general secretary position and to hire an executive to take a more active role in WPF affairs between general assemblies.

Examples of things an executive would do:

Oversee committees, checking to see that their work is being completed on time
Work to make sure the WPF has candidates for office and WPC/WSC sites before each annual assembly
Make sure the WPC/WSC organizer is completing the puzzle creation on time so the work can be checked for fairness and so it is less likely to contain careless mistakes
Make sure the WPC/WSC site is suitable
Work to improve the website
Seek sponsorship for the WPF and WPF events
Seek publicity for the WPF and WPF events
The executive would be a part-time position, most likely with an annual contract, and the person could be fired for not fulfilling the duties. The position would probably be filled by someone who is already within the WPF community. As the WPF currently takes in only about 10,000 euros a year, the salary could not be more than this without reducing savings.

Regarding sponsorship, the board discussed whether the WPF should require members to print the logos of WPF sponsors on their websites and in at least one of their publications each year. No decision.
The board also discussed Gyorgy Istvan.s proposal for a 20th-anniversary WPC book, to be paid for partly or fully from WPF funds. Board members wanted to know more information before considering.

Supplementary Meeting of the WPF Board, October 21, 2010

Attendance as above, but with newly elected Gyorgy Istvan replacing Valter Kvalic.

Election of officers: Will Shortz, chairman; Kamer Alyanakyan, treasurer; Peter Ritmeester, general secretary

Report on the 12th General Assembly of the World Puzzle Federation

Paprotnia, Poland, October 26-27, 2010
by Will Shortz
The meeting was called to order by Valter Kvalic (Croatia) on October 26 at 14:50. It was held in two sessions over two days. Other board members present were Peter Ritmeester, general secretary (Netherlands), Will Shortz, treasurer (USA), Vitezslav Koudelka (Czech Republic), and Kamer Alyanakyan (Turkey).

The WPF members present were China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France (which also voted by proxy for Belgium), Germany, Greece, Hungary (also voting for Romania), Italy, Japan, Netherlands (also voting for Denmark), Slovakia, Turkey, and the USA (also voting for the U.K.). Peter Ritmeester voted on behalf of South Korea. Also present but not voting were Belarus and Russia.


The minutes of the 2009 general assembly, as printed in the World Puzzle Newsletter 16, were approved.

Will presented the treasurer's report (distributed to the delegates). As of June 30, 2010, the WPF had a balance of 29,952.30 euros. This was an increase of a little more than 3,000 euros from the previous year. The report was accepted.

On behalf of the statutes committee (Peter, Will, and Gyorgy Istvan), Will reported that the group had thoroughly reviewed the statutes and bylaws and revised them to bring them up to date to current practice and to clarify and improve them in a few places. He said the revision would be posted shortly on the WPF website. He asked members to read and comment. The revision will be voted on at the 2011 general assembly.


Proposal for a Paid Executive

Will reported on the idea of the board of hiring an executive to handle day-to-day matters of the WPF [as listed in the board meeting report]. Gyorgy suggested that the executive could come from either inside or outside the board. Peter said it was important for the executive to be from outside the board, so he/she can be fired at any time.

Ferhat Calapkulu (Turkey) proposed an alternative format . the general assembly voting on a president and a new team. Gyorgy said he would like the terms of the board members to be concurrent. Peter said that continuity of administration is important. Vita said the board is not satisfied with its work, and that the purpose of the proposal is to semi-professionalize the office of the WPF. Gyorgy said he would like the general assembly (not the board) to elect the executive.

Valter proposed that a) the post of paid general secretary be eliminated starting with the 2011 general secretary, with it becoming just a regular board position; [b) that the board be instructed to prepare a proposal for a paid executive, listing duties and suggesting a salary; and c) members be invited to suggest alternatives to a paid executive as proposed by the board.] Vote: 18-0-2. Passed.


Will suggested, as in the past, that the WPF website present more puzzles, contain the contents of all past newsletters, have results of past WPC's and WSC's, perhaps have original contests, post original puzzles, have more puzzle news, etc.

Juha Hyvonen (Finland) proposed giving the board authority to allot money to the website.

Gyorgy would like the website to be updated, and would like the board to oversee the webmaster. He also proposed that all WPC/WSC organizers send 10% of their puzzles to the website for posting, and added that a history of the WPC/WPF would be nice.

Ferhat proposed that national puzzle competitions be announced on the WPF website and that our site provide links to other websites that have puzzle competitions.

Nick Baxter (USA) said the U.S. had created an archive for past WSC puzzles, and he sent an email to all other members to provide puzzles. Only one country so far has done so.

Ferhat would like WPC playoffs be filmed and put on the website.

Valter said he would speak with Wei-Hwa, and he asked for volunteers to help update.

Anniversary Book

Gyorgy proposed that the WPF prepare 20th-anniversary WPC book, containing about 124 pages, in 500 copies, containing photos of past WPC's, results, reminiscences, and sample puzzles.

Nick proposed making next year's Newsletter be a special 20th-anniversary edition.

George Wang (China) asked who would edit and design the book?

Ferhat said he would like an archive of WPC puzzles, photos, and videos. These should be collected now before they're lost. He offered to compile these materials.

No action was taken on Gyorgy.s proposal.


Will reported on the Statutes committee and gave examples of proposed changes.

He said the complete set of proposals would be posted on the WPF website soon for discussion, then voted on next year.

Rules and Regulations

Vita read a partial report on proposed rules and regulations of competition.

Will praised report, but said that the rules on site selection belong in the Statutes committee report, not the one for Rules and Regulations. He also pointed out that the report changes a previously voted-upon rule to disallow .B. teams. And he pointed out that the report provides no guidelines regarding playoffs, which have become an important part of the championships.

The report is to be posted on the WPF website.

Vita proposed that in future WPC's, the WPF promise the organizer 1,000 euros if the work is done properly and on time, this "reward" to be reduced for nonperformance.

Election of Board Members

For the two board positions to be filled, Will ran for reelection. Vita proposed Gyorgy for the position Valter was leaving. Both were elected unanimously.

2012 WPC/WSC Site

No definitive offers for the 2012 WPC/WSC were made.

All members were to be notified that no host has been selected, and they have until December 31 to make an offer. If more than one offer is received, the selection of the 2012 WPC/WSC site will be made by online ballot.

Statement from the 2011 WPC/WSC Host

Gyorgy made a presentation on the 2011 WPC/WSC, tentatively to be held in October in Debrecen, Hungary, but possibly a different city. It will be held over eight days and seven nights, with one common day between events for sightseeing and possibly the general assembly session. There will be four-person teams for both the WSC and WPC. The WSC will be held first, the WPC last. The cost for the full eight days will be no more than 550 euros. The WPC alone will cost no more than 400 euros. The WSC alone will cost no more than 350 euros.

Gyorgy asked for an exception to the rule about no .B. teams being allowed in the WPC, to give him more flexibility in planning the combined event. Individuals would compete officially, and teams would compete unofficially. All voted in favor, except for one abstention.

Gyorgy also asked for permission to require playoff contestant to wear WPC sponsors' logos during playoffs. After discussion, no action was taken.

Gyorgy proposed a five-person committee to oversee 2011 WPC sponsorship -- Blanka, Kamer, Vita, Jacek, and Nick. This proposal was accepted without objection.

Gyorgy proposed putting the 2011 WPC/WSC website under the official WPF site. Nick said he and Wei-Hwa Huang can help Gyorgy do this.


Vita thanked Valter for his service to the WPF, as chairman and otherwise. Will thanked Valter for editing the newsletter.

Will thanked Jacek Szczap and his team for a well-run WPC.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned on October 27 at 12:35.