Board Meeting Minutes



The first board meeting was held before the GA meeting on Monday, August 11. The board members present were: Will Shortz (USA, Chairman), Jaanus Laidna (EST, Treasurer), Vítězslav Koudelka (CZE). Hana Koudelková (CZE, Director) was also attending the meeting. The board went through all the points of the GA agenda.

The second Board meeting was held on Saturday morning. The members present were: Will, Vítězslav, György István (HUN), Alan O´Donnell (UK), Chen Cen (CHN), Hans Eendebak (NED, newly elected to the board) and Hana Koudelková (CZE, Director). Will was elected to continue as the WPF Chairman. Hans was elected Treasurer. Both votes were unanimous. For the newly created position of WPF tournament director, György was elected. It was decided that Hans would become a contact person for Netherlands, where the WPF has its seat. He will take over all the duties related to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce that were previously done by Tim Peeters. György proposed to thank to Tim and send him a small gift for his work for the WPF. This was approved.