Report on WPF Board Meeting (via Zoom) of Jan. 31, 2021
Present: Prasanna Seshadri (outgoing director), Matúš Demiger (incoming director), Will Shortz (chairman), Vladimir Portugalov, Jan Zverina, and Haijun Zhang. (Zoran Tanasic was unable to attend because of health reasons.)
Prasanna and the Board congratulated Matúš on his selection as the new WPF director. His official starting date is Feb. 1. Matúš introduced his sister-in-law, Anna, who will help with WPF administrative tasks, while Matúš works on new projects and general planning.
Matúš listed his priorities as WPF director as follows:
1) Make an audit of ongoing projects, so progress on them can continue;
2) Expand the WPF’s reach via social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms);
3) Reach out to the other three candidates for WPF director -- George Wong, Rishi Puri, and Tawan Sunathvanichkul, who had ideas regarding marketing, publicity, publishing, online competitions, and social media -- and seek their collaboration. He also plans to set up committees within the WPF to help on some of these topics.
• Vladimir proposed that the Board hold quarterly meetings via Zoom. Everyone agreed.
• Matúš and the Board will hold an open meeting with WPF members at some point during the next two months.
• Haijun said there was no news to report on the planned World Sudoku/Puzzle Championships scheduled for Shanghai in October. The Board is monitoring the course of the coronavirus pandemic and conditions of international travel. Haijun will provide monthly updates. A final decision on whether to hold the tournament or not will be made no later than June 1.
• Will thanked Prasanna for his years of service to the WPF. Prasanna will continue in an unpaid position as WPF treasurer.