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At the WPC 2000 in Stamford (USA) the General Assembly decided to continue its logo competition. Below is the briefing for this competition. On the page Round 1 you'll find all entries. A selection from those entries is to be found on the page Round 2, and the winning design is on the page Winning Design.


Logo Briefing

The logo should consist of two things:

1. an image without any text or letters
2. the text World Puzzle Federation (not just WPF!)

For instance:


  • The size must be adjustable from very small (on a pencil) to large (billboards).
  • It must be possible to use it in black and white, in two colors or in full color.
  • It must be possible to use it on paper (letterhead, cards, advertisements), screen (internet, CD-ROM, TV and video), textile (flags, T-shirts, caps), miscellaneous (glasses, pins, lighters, etc.)
  •  It must be possible to extend the logo to a complete house style.


IMPORTANT: we will probably hire a professional studio to work out the idea and make a complete house style from it. So don’t put too much work in it. A good colored sketch will probably do. Both paper and electronic media are welcome.

For instance, we might think that the example above is a bad logo because it is not clear, ugly, has a boring logotype and is not resizable. But we might like the idea of a globe (=world) combined with a question mark (=puzzle; puzzles make the world turn round) which could be a reason to order a professional to design a logo based on this idea.

On the page Round 1 only last year's entries that comply with this briefing are listed.

In case things are not clear, please contact us before spending any time on it:

Good luck!