2003 Events


24 Hours Puzzle Championship

May 23 - 25, Budapest - Hungary
by György István, organizer on behalf of ROE

May 23 - 25, the 4th 24 Hours Puzzle Championship was held in Budapest (Hungary). It was organized again by WPF member ROE (Hungarian Puzzlers Association). Puzzlers were invited to solve, but also to make puzzles for the event!

Seven countries were represented by 24 puzzlers. Two-times world champion Ulrich Voigt was the clear winner. There was already no doubt after the first part, that he's a real world-classic. The results:

1. Ulrich Voigt (Germany)
2. Pal Madarassy (Hungary)
3. Zoltan Horvath (Hungary; and with 17 year the youngest participant)
Best female puzzler was Ms. Boglar Major (Hungary).

Fourteen puzzle constructors each made the puzzles for one part of the competion. Each part lasted 100 minutes and a maximum of 1000 points could be scored. The aim was that the best solver would be able to achieve 70-80% of the full score. Of course nobody solved his own puzzles, so everyone solved 13 parts. Each part lasted 100 minutes, with 10 minutes break after each, and two times 20 minutes break, so all together 1440 minutes = 24 hours! Non-puzzlemakers could also compete