2012 Events

13 - 14 May 2012 - Swiss online qualification tournament for WSC

The tournament is open to worldwide players and will be held at the German webiste http://www.logic-masters.de/. The duration of the tournament is 120 minutes and each player can choose when he plays on the weekend. It contains 3 classic sudoku and 9 well-known variants.
The top two Swiss players earn a spot to participate in world sudoku championship. The tournament page is: http://www.logic-masters.de/Wettbewerbe/wettbewerb.php?id=37


17 - 21 May 2012 - Beijing International Sudoku Tournament


2 June 2012 -  German Puzzle Championships. 
                         Czech National Championship Logical Puzzles. Venue: Prague - http://sudokualogika.cz/node/166


9 - 10 June 2012  - Swiss online qualification tournament for WPC. 

The tournament was open to worldwide players. It was held at the website of Logic Masters  Deutschland e.V.(http://www.logic-masters.de/). The duration is 90 minutes and every player could choose, when he wanted to start on that weekend. There were 20 different puzzles.


23 - 24 June  - The 6th BRAND'S Sudoku Thailand International Open - http://www.thaicrossword.com/