Q: How can I register or participate on WSC/WPC?

A: First of all you have to find out whether your country is a member of World Puzzle Federation or not. 

If your country is represented as WPF Member (see list), his national representative will decide how to qualify. A puzzler from for instance Hungary, needs to contact the Hungarian Puzzlers’ Association, because that organization is official member of the WPF representing Hungary. The Hungarian Puzzlers’ Association decides who will represent Hungary at a WSC/WPC. Most members organize a national championship or a national qualifying test to decide who will compete at a WSC/WPC.

For competitors whose country is not on our list of WPF members, there are other ways of qualifying for a WSC/WPC. If not more than four people from that country want to compete at a WSC/WPC, they will be automatically qualified. There will be no financial support though: competitors will need to pay all expenses themselves. If more than four people from a country not represented as WPF member intend to compete at a WSC/WPC, the WPF will decide who qualifies.


Q: How can I join the WPF as a new member if my country is not a member yet?

A: Please contact the director for more details at office@worldpuzzle.org


Q: How much is the membership fee for one year?

A: Currently the membership fee is 400 Euro a year.


Q: Is it possible advertise a puzzle event organised in my country?

A: Sure, please write all the important info to office@worldpuzzle.org