WPF Sudoku / Puzzle Grand Prix 2019.

The World Puzzle Federation held the 7th WPF online Sudoku event and the 6th WPF online puzzle event in 2019. 

Most of the top logical puzzles and Sudoku players took part among other puzzle fans, solving first class puzzles prepared by the top puzzle authors from all over the world. 

The quality of these tournaments was curated ably, with the right selection of puzzles, testing and judging. The WPF GP Directors of 2019, Nikola Zivanovic (SRB) for Sudoku GP and Wei-Hwa Huang (USA) for Puzzle GP, were professional and efficient in running the events. 

There were be eight rounds each in the Sudoku tournament and the Puzzle tournament. Only the top six results for each solver were included in their final WPF Grand Prix ranking.

More details are available on the GP website, linked to above. 

Direct final results:

Sudoku GP:


Puzzle GP: