WPF Members


Criteria for membership

• Conducting open, national qualifying tournaments to select members of a World Puzzle Championship team
• Promoting and publicizing these tournaments
• Encouraging quality and innovation in puzzling
• Representing the interests of the WPF in the member's country

Membership fee

• Annual membership runs from Januar 1 until December 31.
• Each year at the General Assembly (usually in October) the membership fee is established for the year starting July 1 the next year.
• At present, the membership fee is a minimum of 400 Euros a year. Members that are commercial companies are encouraged to pay 1000 Euros a year. Exceptions to these fees can be made by the board.

The benefits of membership include:

• Right to use the WPF logo;
• Right to publish WPF puzzles (beginning in 2000) in the member's home country, including those from the WPF Grand Prix (beginning in 2015);
• Right to send a team to the World Puzzle Championship;
• Right to vote on WPF matters during a general assembly.