Published: 2014-09-04

We have a short update for you regarding the WPF Sudoku/Puzzle GP 2015.


GP Directors
We are happy to inform you that our GP directors - Thomas Snyder (Sudoku) and Wei-Hwa Huang (Puzzle) accepted their nomination also for the next year.
It was decided at the General Assembly that the director will be awarded by 500 EUR/year for running the tournament in terms of puzzles.
Should you have any other nominations for this positions, please let us know by September 18.
Puzzle Authors
We have not decided yet how many rounds we will have for next year but we want to give you enough time to discuss with your teams whether you would be interested in preparing one of the GP rounds. It has been decided that the WPF would buy the copyrights for the GP puzzles from the authors for 100 EUR/each set and get the exclusive rights to publish them, i.e. to give them to the WPF members. If there is a case that the author is willing to give only non-exclusive rights this needs to be discussed case by case.
That said we would kindly ask you to contact your country representative and get back to us by September 18 if you are willing to prepare the puzzle sets for us.
GP Finals
The GP finals will be held before the championships start, right before the Q&A session.
Voluntary financial contribution
As the next GP will be again for free, there were some proposals to offer to players, puzzles fans, sponsors etc., to make a voluntary financial contribution. This money will be spent again on the GP project, i.e. awards for the winners. directors, authors etc. Any contribution is more than welcome. There will be a PayPal link available on the WPF GP web page.
All other details will be confirmed soon.