Newsletter 2



  • See you in Croatia by Cristea Ionita
  • As it was at the 5th WPC by Rob Geensen
  • Report on the Captains' Meeting in Utrecht by Helene Hovanec
  • Memorandum by John Williams
  • Concrete and Concerted by Ovidiu Sperlea
  • What is fair by Will Shortz
  • Puzzle Guidelines for the WPC by Will Shortz
  • Plea for Crosswords by Ovidiu Sperlea
  • Classification of Puzzles by Vladimir Dubrovsky
  • Puzzle News from...
  • Turkey by Nevzat Erkmen
  • The Netherlands by Rob Geensen
  • Germany by Andreas Franz
  • Argentina by Jaime Poniachik
  • List of Members

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