Newsletter 7



  • World Puzzle Championship 2002: Oulu by Erja Gullstén
  • WPC 2001 in Brno, Czech Republic
  • 10th WPC - 2001: End of a Puzzle Odyssey by Vítezslav Koudelka
  • From behind the scenes of the 10th WPC by Zdenek Chromy´
  • Selected puzzles from the 10th WPC by Zdenek Chromy´
  • Team and individual results
  • Team photos
  • WPF General Assembly 2001 in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Report on the 3rd General Assembly of the World Puzzle Federation by Will Shortz
  • WPF Financial Report 2000-2001 by Rob Geensen
  • A Puzzler's CV: Adam Sumera
  • Puzzling in Poland by Adam Sumera
  • Famous Puzzlemakers: Henry Ernest Dudeney by Will Shortz
  • WPF membership criteria; list of current members
  • Solutions

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