GP Finals


Tom Collyer (Competition Director) - Beijing, China.

On the evening of Monday 14th October 2013, the inaugural WPF Sudoku Grand Prix came to a thrilling climax as Kota Morinishi of Japan claimed victory in the play-off in the stunning setting of the Chateau Laffitte hotel. Second place went to Tiit Vunk of Estonia, with Jakub Ondroušek of the Czech Republic rounding out the podium in third place.

Each of the 10 finalists received a certificate of achievement, as well as a prize of €100.

The play-off featured 8 beautifully crafted puzzles, one for each of the online rounds, with each of the organising teams contributing their favourite Sudoku variation. The amassed audience were able to solve the puzzles at the same time as the finalists, and were kept informed and entertained with commentary from Byron Calver and Tom Collyer.

The GP organisers would like to thank the Chinese team led by Xue Mei Geng for all their help on the ground, each of the eight organising teams for putting together a wonderful set of puzzles, Vítězslav Koudelka for all his effort before and during the final, as well as Elena Aivazopoulou, Helen Arnold, Stefano Forcolin, Gerald Gan, Swaroop Guggilam, Rajesh Kumar, Yuhei Kusui, Bram de Laat, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Prasanna Seshadri for their help with refereeing.



 Ranking    First Name    Last Name  Country     Nick Name 


    1     Kota
    2     Tiit    Vunk   Estonia    TiiT     8
    3     Jakub
  Czech Republic
   jaku111     8
    4     Hideaki    Jo   Japan    deu     7
    5     Bastien    Vial-Jaime   France          7
    6     Nikola    Živanović   Serbia    NikolaZ     7
    7     Seungjae    Kwak   Korea    Kwaka     7
    8     Ulrich    Voigt   Germany    uvo     7
    9     Michael    Ley
   misko     6
   10     Jan    Mrozowski   Poland   jano87     5




The Instruction Booklet and Competition puzzles to be downloaded at the bottom of the page. 

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